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What is Life for Total Consciousness?

Life for Total Consciousness (LTC) is a simple but highly advanced holistic meditation practice evolved by Jagad Guru Swami Isa that helps the individual tune his or her complete system to receive more spiritual, emotional, intellectual, mental, and physical peace. Ultimately, LTC enables the practitioner to attain spiritual empowerment and attain cosmic realization. Developed from ancient scriptures, this simple, easy-to-follow system integrates meditation, visualizations, mantras, pranayama, yoga asanas (postures) and mudras. This meditation can be practiced everyday and by everyone-there is no body or lifestyle for whom this system is not oriented, including elderly persons, children, and patients. It invigorates the universal energy within the individual, which in turn revitalizes the physical and spiritual planes and elevates one to the highest planes of consciousness. Practitioners will delight in this stress-free, nearly effortless practice. In contrast to many other yogic systems, Life for Total Consciousness is aimed at rejuvenating and refreshing the individual. This practice prepares and guides you in real spiritual growth.

What will it bring to my life?

Those who have integrated this practice into their daily lives receive much benefit from it. LTC practitioners report more clarity of thought, more peaceful emotions, higher spiritual awareness, enhanced creativity and charisma, and greater body relaxation. Tempers are controlled, family relationships are improved, and memory retention, especially in children, is enhanced.

"Usually within four weeks of practicing LTC my medical patients get impressive results-some can go off medications too," says Dr. Vijayachandran Nair, a medical doctor in Missouri, United States, teaches Life for Total Consciousness to his patients with multiple medical problems. "Some of these patients practice in their beds, some sitting- that is the beauty of this system, anyone can practice it!" he says. "The goal is to meditate, meditate, meditate, and NOT to medicate!" What do others say about LTC? "Swami Isa explains the teachings so clearly and uses simple examples for the most difficult concepts. He really helps us fight our own preconceived ideas and to 'install new software,' as he calls it." (Felix, France)

"The way Swamiji teaches is pure love." (Karla, Mexico)
"It was an incredible opportunity for us. . . As someone who had searched for years within the systems of yoga with a deep wish of something more authentic, I found this course of exquisite quality. What made it even more beautiful was the presence and divine experience of Swami Isa, radiating unconditional love and understanding. I recommend this course to all who are looking for authenticity and truth." (Sibylle, France)

"For two years I had been on medications for hypertension and my previous BP was 140/100. After practicing LTC for a few months, my BP is now 110/70 (below normal) and steady. I've been off my medication for over a year, thanks to LTC." (Dr. Aaroop, Kerala) "I really enjoy this meditation...it brings love to my heart and I feel like treating everyone--including myself--lovingly." (Antje, Germany) "I feel a lot of joy during this practice." (Kika, Mexico) "I knew the positive effects the meditations were having on my mind and emotions--I always feel so peaceful, contented, and joyful after practice. But I was really surprised to see that my diastolic blood pressure dropped 10 points after just one day! It proves that this simple practice has positive effects on all levels." (Mira, USA) "Before, I thought that the path to total happiness was long and difficult, but Swami Isa showed us how to easily create a link with Divinity, and I am very happy now! Since then, I can concentrate much easier during meditation. It is really great to learn how to put all the spiritual texts into practice, to give a form to those concepts!" (Clara, France)

How can I receive training in LTC?

Under the guidance of Swami Isa, the Isa Viswa Prajnana Trust organizes regular LTC camps for 2, 3, or 10 days. For the next camp dates and for any further inquiries, contact:

AMRA 23,Karali Road,
Chakkai, Pettah PO,
Trivandrum- 695024.