Kerala Hillsations

Much of kerala's exotic appeal is centred in the highland area of the western ghats. Rising to an average height of 1520 m, the tropical forests of the ghats house rich flora and fauna. Not to speak of expansive, loamy plantations of tea, coffee, rubber and fragrant cardamom.


A mere one and a half hour's road journey separates the beaches of Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum) from the invigorating climate of Ponmudi Hills. The name Ponmudi, a hill station so close to the sea, in Malayalam means golden crown. On the way to Ponmudi, the thick tropical forest greets one at the foot of the Ponmudi hill range. The road passes under a canopy of thickly matted foliage. The forest recedes gradually giving way to neatly clipped tea bushes.

The salubrious hill station of Ponmudi is at a distance of 61 kms from Thiruvananthapuram. The enchanting bounty of nature can be witnessed here in the quiet surroundings.


The British Government in South India during colonial times used Munnar as its summer resort. You can see many beautiful colonial bungalows and buildings in Munnar. The natural beauty of Munnar however surpasses anything that man can add to this beautiful locale. The green hills, the natural vegetation, the tea plantations, the winding roads and the clouds drifting over the Nilgiri Hills, make Munnar the prefect getaway for a holiday in Kerala. Enjoy your trip to Munnar with Kerala Backwater. Munnar is the best known of Kerala's hill stations. You can see the scenic attractions of Munnar on Kerala tours with Kerala Backwater. The British Government of South India used this incredibly beautiful hill station in Kerala, as their summer resort, during colonial times. The tea plantations in Munnar are a result of the British government discovering that is was possible to grow tea in the pleasant climate of Munnar. Munnar is situated at an altitude ranging from 1500 to 2695 m and has some of the highest tea estates in India.


Also spelt Vagamon, this beautiful hill station in Kerala is located at an altitude of 1100 m above sea level. It is 64 Km from Kottayam and 100 Km from Kochi (Cochin). A stunningly beautiful series of gentle hills, valleys, waterfalls and green slopes, Wagamon has to be seen to be truly appreciated. There is a famous dairy farm at Kurusimala in Wagamon, which you can visit on your tour of the hill stations of Kerala with Kerala Backwater.


Idukki valley is 121 km away from Kottayam, and is a small hill town surrounded by a spread of beautiful, wooden valleys and meandering streams. Idukki is known for the Idukki dam built across the Peiyar river and is a well known tourist center in Kerala. Nadukani is an ideal place for one-day picnickers. True to its title it offers a panoramic view of a large area than one can experience from any high mountain park. A two-storyed pavilion makes an ideal place for enjoying the landscape and beauty of nature.


A forest range 75 kms ( travel time: 2 1/2 hours) from Palghat, the Nelliyampathy hills comprise a chain of ridges cut off from one another by valleys of dense evergreen forests and orange plantations.

The height of the hills ranges from 467 metres to the tallest peak Padagiri loomig at 1572 metres. Accessing Nelliyampathy from Palght is a sensation on its own, as you negotiate over a dozen haipin curves of the ghat road passilng through the fascinating jungles of the Sahya Ranges. En rout, 17 kms from Palghat, the shimmering Pothundi Reservoir and ilts manicured surroundings make for the ideal stop over.

Seethakundu at nelliyampathy offers fantastic view of the valley below-a wide-angled vision of a third of the entire Palghat area. Nelliyampathy has immense trekking potential. The Community Hall at Kaikatty provides a good caping ground for the trekkers.


Vythiri is a picturesque place located in the sylvan Northern High Ranges of Kerala in Wayanad district. Exclusive, comfortable, refreshing, pollution free and inspiring. Acres and acres of lush green land interspersed with perennial streams and rolling hills, at Vythiri, an undertaking of Primeland Holdings Pvt. Ltd. situated near the Pookode Lake, in Wayanad District. An area that breathes history and legend, Vythiri was the natural choice because of its accessibility beauty and pleasant climate. Rising 2600 ft. above sea level, Vythiri had been a retreat for English planters during colonial. Salient features.

The only Hill station resort of its kind in Kerala. Spread over 150 acres eco-friendly, designed in the traditional Kerala Architectural style. Rope bridge leads to cottages cantilevered over streams. Power off at midnight, lantern lights, the music of nature and the chill of highland caressing anyone to sleep.