Kerala Amusement Parks

As Kerala modernizes it has also acquired modern entertainment venues. Kerala's cultural centers, performance venues and markets, are always buzzing with activity. Kerala offers you plenty in the form of entertainment, from whizzing down a water slide in an amusement park to appreciating the intensity of a Kathakali performance; you're sure to find entertainment that will appeal to you, on your Indian Holiday in Kerala.


Veega Land is situated almost 300 feet above sea level an is set amongst 24 acres of surpassingly grand and incomparably idyllic environs. Veega Land's magnificent and tranquil setting is matched only by the ambitious scale and grandeur of the park itself. The architecture expresses nothing less than the heart and soul of ethnic Kerala, with a few surprising flashes of vintage Chinese as well. The stupendous 7 storey high Vintage Castle is a monument straight out of a fairy tale, as is the eerily captivating Caterpillar Village. Add to this 26 pulse-quickening water slides, a phenomenal wave pool, the dazzling dancing musical fountain (the first of its kind in India), artfully landscaped promenades, enchanting flower gardens, a choice of 3 restaurants. Yet, for all this devotion in creating a truly remarkable amusement park, Veega Land is replete with safety and hygiene features that meet the most stringent international norms. Its filtration and purification systems are amongst the most advanced available. nd life- guards and ride attendants are always at hand to assist guests at any attraction. So get set for a memorable experience. And be prepared to expect the unexpected, in a land where the fun never stops!!


19 km of thrilling drive through the Western Ghats, the whispers of waterfalls in the distance, screeching of wildlife, the strange fragrance of flora...... amidst them, the fun filled excitement of state of the art rides and games. Surf Hill, Kids Super slide, Kiddies Body, Kiddies Turbo, Kiddies Free Fall, Lazy Mountain River, Kiddies Dry Games, Master Blaster, Hara Kiri, Wild Raft Ride, Wild Body Ride, Super Slide, Turbo Twister, Wave Pool, Super Splash, Mamma Aqua Dance, Baby Train, Columbus, Flying Dutch Man , Bumbing Boats, Go Carting, Jurassic Splash, Sky Jet ,Striking Car,Swing Chair and Tea Cup are some of the lucrative Fantasies we have in store for you. Some of these have been introduced for the first time in the History of south India.


The enchanting beauty of Athirappilly waterfalls, the scenic attraction of Vazhachal, Thumboormuzhy and Sholayar has fascinated the tourist from time immemorial. Dream World, the sophisticated water theme park is situated here on the Athirappilly route very near to the magical beauty of Athirappilly waterfalls.

Dream World has attracted thousands of tourists from all over India. The huge Dragons built at the main entrance on Athirappilly road gives a feeling of Jurassic Park. The layout of the park is designed in such a way that tourist belonging to any age group can effortlessly reach all the rides without much walking or climbing. Visitors can go to any nook and corner of the park without foot protection as the whole area is either covered with paving tiles or lawn. Dream World is known for its enthralling water amusement rides. There are altogether 42 rides in Dream World out of which 24 are water rides. The peculiarity of the rides is that, each one is unique in nature. The floats/rafts/boats/tubes etc used in each ride is of different types for example: single, double, triple, five-seated and the like. In spite of sophistication, height, length and thrill, all rides are undoubtedly safe.


Located on hillside at Main Central Road at Vembayam, the country side of the capital city Thiruvananthapuram, Happy Land water theme and Amusement Park is designed for the entire family!

Happy Land Water theme Park has many amusement options like water rides, kids village, theme restaurant, art gallery and much much more. One of the feature attractions is the longest ride in India, called "Uphill Ride". A giant looping water ride that drops high altitudes with dark tunnels which is filled with breathtaking extravaganza. Or maybe you are interested in the "Family Pool" with many excitement fun filled water sports and rides in the pool. Our "Wave Pool" is one among the best and the biggest ride in the water theme parks available in Kerala now.

Our Kiddies Section named "Kids Village" features small rides for the young ones. This section features "The Shoe Slide" a ride that allows the kids to have more excitement and fun. Flower Basket, Butterfly round about, Ball Pool and other multi water play system creates Happy Land Water Theme Park a never ending charm and joy filled picnic spot.

The health and hygiene of the Happy Land Water Theme and amusement park is maintained according to the international standards. Each day at Happy Land Water Theme and amusement park begins and end with routine health and hygiene check ups